Thank you for your interest in joining the 15th Annual Regent Park Film Festival Programming Committee!



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Programming Committee Responsibilities:
- Commit 10-15 hours to watching films
- Attend orientation and deliberation meetings
- Attend the Annual Festival in November

Deliberation meetings take place at 585 Dundas Street East, Suite 240 and are approximately 2 hours. Snacks are provided.

Please make sure you are available for these dates before applying:
- Shortlisting: March 13, July 26
- General Program: May 10/16, July 6, 11, 13 & 18, 26
- School Program: May 10/16, July 5, 12, 26, August 2 & 9
- Emerging Directors: May 10/16, July 10, 17, 26

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If you answered yes, please briefly describe your past involvement and the year you took part in Festival.

Which sub-committee(s) are you interested in applying for? Check off all that apply. *

Please ensure that you are able to committee to all the time requirements for each sub-committee. 

Shortlisting: Watch film submissions and identify films that are relevant to the Festival’s mandate that should move on to the second round for the rest of the subcommittees to deliberate. (20 hours, April-May)

General Program: Watch and select films by filmmakers from multi-cultural and/or Aboriginal backgrounds and/or films that celebrate difference and solidarity, immigrant experiences, urbanization, inner city issues, cultural identity and multicultural relationships. (25 hours, June-August)

School Program: Watch and select films aimed at students from grades 1-12, addressing themes of difference, racial diversity, bullying, gender identity, poverty, health, and other issues relevant to youth. Develop and write lesson plans in accordance with the standards of the provincial curriculum. (25 hours, June-August)

Emerging Directors: Watch and select films made by local filmmakers 26 years of age and under. Films are screened as part of the Opening Night Emerging Directors' Spotlight, where filmmakers engage with a panel of industry judges and are eligible to participate in a pitch competition. (15 hours, June - August)

Are you able to volunteer 15-25 hours of your time? *

The programming committee will be required to watch films independently and attend all deliberation meetings.  They take place at 585 Dundas Street East, Suite 240 and are approximately two hours in the evening. Snacks are provided.

Shortlist committee watches approximately 20 hours of film between March - May. They are not expected to attend deliberation meetings, but must attend orientation on March 13.

General Program watches approximately 10-15 hours of film and meets to deliberate on the following days: July 6, 11, 13 & 18, 26. 

School Program watches approximately 10 hours of film and meets to deliberate and write lesson plans on the following days: July 5, 12, 26, August 2 & 9. 

Emerging Directors watches approximately 10 hours of film and meets to deliberate on the following days: July 10, 17, 26.
What experiences do you have that are relevant to this position? (200 words max.) *

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Before you submit, please review your application and confirm that the above answers are complete.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. We are excited to receive your application. We will be responding to all those interested in Shortlisting by March 1st and all other sub-committee applicants by April 21st.

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